About Us

The Disabled Veterans Resource Center, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation committed to providing reliable, high-quality resources to the disabled veteran community.

Our scope is broad and our purpose is singular, to ensure that all disabled veterans have access to the information and services they need to live productive, fulfilling lives following active duty.

How We Support Disabled Veterans

The Disabled Veterans Resource Center is dedicated to promoting health and security for all disabled veterans and their families, offering assistance with VA benefits claims, housing for veterans experiencing homelessness, employment assistance, mental health resources, substance abuse treatment opportunities, suicide prevention, legal advocate referrals, health coaching and more.

The impetus behind the development of the Disabled Veterans Resource Center came from veterans benefits attorney Eric Gang. Mr. Gang realized there was a need in the veterans community for information on where veterans can turn for accurate information and help. His mission and goal was to create an organization that can serve as an educational entity for disabled veterans, providing them with information and resources to which they can turn for the help they need. Today, Mr. Gang still serves as the Executive Director. The Board members include Ret. Lt. Colonel Dr. Timothy Guthrie, Dr. Walter Knake, Amy Gould, and Thomas Roughneen, Esq.

Many U.S. veterans return home with significant mental and physical impairments due to injury or trauma. Disabled veterans face significant obstacles transitioning into civilian life and achieving long-lasting stability. We connect disabled veterans to the financial benefits, health access, and professional opportunities they earned through their time in service – fostering independence, self-assurance, productivity, and pride.

Over the many years we’ve been working with the disabled veterans’ community, we have seen far too many cases of veterans who are unaware of the vast resources available to them, including financial benefits, housing assistance, health benefits, legal assistance, and career opportunities.

In many cases, the veterans we’ve worked with felt their injuries or service activities were not significant enough to qualify for benefits. We’ve also worked with many veterans who have had tried requesting assistance only to be given the run around, promised a service they never received, or getting a service that fell short of providing what they needed.

In a world full of differing opinions and competing sources of information, there should be one trusted source for accurate information. We at the Disabled Veterans Resource Center are committed to cutting through the red tape, giving veterans access to reliable information that allows them to make informed decisions about their future, and sharing valuable resources that help disabled veterans access the quality services they deserve.


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